Licensing New Technology

Licensing New Technology for: The Application of Feelings Intelligence in Web Marketing, Web Design, Website Traffic, eCommerce, and Games on Internet for Online Marketing Managers, Software Product Managers and Sales and Business Managers

What’s the big deal with getting feelings in a web app?

All your needs, wants and desires are born from feelings:

Hungryyou need food, a restaurant, a store
Coldyou need to find warmth, clothing, and shelter.
Lonely you need companionship, you need to talk to somebody.
Curious you need to search, or research to understand the object of your curiosity.
Excited you need to explore and to share.
Lonely you need companionship, society.
Helpless you need help.
Insecure you need security, comfort.
Angry you need to right the unfairness or injustice your are faced with.
Hateful you need distance from and you need understanding.
Happy you need to share.
Afraid you need protection and defenses.
Revulsion you need to retreat, some separation.
Tired you need a place to rest, relax, find comfort

  • Where and when you have a feeling, you have a need. It’s a simple cause-and-effect.
  • Are you a web products or services provider? get a feeling, find a customer and fill a need.
  • A universe of products and services is looking for your feelings. Without your feelings, the universe is just somewhere out there while the truth is somewhere inside you.