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Feelings Allow the Universe of Goods and Services to Find and Fill Your Needs Without Your Thinking Effort

Our primary web navigation method today is through search engines, entering text and examining “hits.” This is a thinking intensive activity, as one must first determine the precise object of our search in words, and upon receiving a million hits wade through large number of pages looking for a possible fit to the need we have. Alternatively, a feeling can be offered, with or without text in a search engine.

Search efficiency, a small effort by consumer offering a feeling, can initiate and drive a web universe search, automatically and electronically. Emotive content, relatively easily obtained from consumers with our technology, propagates into a search space universe self configured for a “motivated” customer based on vendor’s knowledge of its customers needs from profles of their best customers.

Providers listing profiles of their most likely customers can automatically respond with offers based on need fulfillment constrained in the geographic and temporal boundaries of the feeling individual, geographic by GPS proximity and temporal based on emotion state and intensity. Because the customer’s immediate interest is directed to likely fulfillers of their need, the feelings approach eliminates the customers burden of developing and implementing the search and search strategy to find what they need. Our model allows the universe of products and services, bounded by the geographic and temporal constraints of the individuals need, to find the individual with the product/service to fill the need without the individuals conscious effort or limits.