Type your message and place cursor, click on eContext Menu button to place your feeling representative


Say what you mean in any language. Mean what you say. These little characters are a great way to show someone precisely what you mean during an IM, eMail or on Blog dialog. Select one from the eContexters menu and set how much you feel it from a scale 1 to 10, 1 your lowest and 10 your highest. Don’t make your friends and associates guess, unless you really want to.

When to use eContexters?

  • When it’s too long or too hard to say
  • When you just have to be clear
  • When you want there to be no doubt
  • When the words are confusing
  • When you don’t feel like being a poet
  • When you’re in a hurry
  • When your words just won’t make it
  • When you need to say how much